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Meet Jeremy "Razzleberry" Raeszler

I'm Jeremy Raeszler, a para-cyclist with a T12 Incomplete SCI. On February 24, 2008, during a motocross race in Sandy Valley, CA, I lost control on a double jump and lost focus as I tried to correct my mistake. This loss of focus ultimately caused me to land in an awkward position on the motorbike, compressing my spine and severing my spinal cord. I was told I would never walk again, and both my wife and I were advised to prepare for a long, difficult road as we learned how to navigate my life from a wheelchair.

However, fueled by my determination and unwavering grit, I discovered that even with a spinal cord injury, I could achieve anything I set my mind to. I firmly believe the same applies to you! That's why I created Grit and Gears, a blog dedicated to sharing my experiences as I venture into the world of cycling, both on and off the bike, and the challenges I confront.

My aim is to not only educate but also inspire you to embrace cycling and overcome obstacles by sharing my own hurdles, shortcomings, and accomplishments. As I embarked on my cycling journey, one of my goals was to learn how to use a bike without any adaptations, to experience the freedom of a "normal" person.

Throughout my journey, I've discovered the beauty of cycling and the vital role perseverance, grit, and determination play in our lives. There's a unique satisfaction in achieving difficult goals. I invite you to join me on this path as I strive to become a successful para-gravel cyclist and, in the process, find inspiration to tackle your own challenges. Get ready to be inspired!

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