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  • Jeremy Raeszler

The only constant in life is change

Change is inevitable for every one of us. We experience positive and negative change in small moments throughout our day and in large, life-altering events.

I’m sure you can think of several examples of personal and professional change you have experienced. I know I can, one big one imparticular, lol.

It may be something minor. Maybe your friend cancels the time you had planned to meet at the coffee shop, freeing your schedule to go for that bike ride you've been thinking about.

Or change might have a more significant impact on all areas of your life. Maybe a family member or a close friend needs more of your time because a serious car accident left them temporarily incapacitated.

Whether beneficial or harmful, enjoyable or depressing, change is inevitable and something everyone must face. It’s how you face it that determines its impact on you.

How you use it to enrich your life or overcome it to move forward to a better life.

The better you can adapt to life's circumstances by embracing change, the more successful you will be personally and professionally.

Embracing change drives growth within us. Most of us don't like change because it forces us to do things we are not comfortable doing. It pushes us outside our comfort zone and makes us feel “un”comfortable. Because we have no control over change, we must learn and do new things. This enables us to grow and exposes capabilities, skills, and expertise we didn’t realize we possessed but had within us all along.

Embracing changes allows us to be adaptable and flexible. Being comfortable means that we can be set in our ways, we do things the same way over and over again because it is easy or helps us feel confident and secure. In fact, for me I feel more insecure, vulnerable, and stressed when I lack the ability to adapt to new situations that change presents.

When we embrace change, we are adaptable to new circumstances, situations, and people and lean into the opportunities they offer. Welcoming change with enthusiasm enables us to uncover opportunities for improvement and advancement. For me, I might never have discovered cycling if I was not open to accepting change without hesitation.

Embracing change exposes strengths too. How we react to change shows us what we are made of. It exposes strengths inside us that you were never aware of or didn’t believe we possessed.

Embracing change gives us the guts to do more. While change can be challenging, the fear is removed, and the anticipation of greater opportunities and advancements comes into view. Our confidence builds as we regularly embrace change, gain confidence, and meet small goals. As a result, we are more likely to follow through and achieve larger goals.

Be bold. Enlarge your perspective on life and people.

We are stronger and more resilient than we know or give ourselves credit for. It is only when we overcome seemingly overwhelming challenges that we learn what we are really made of.

Be courageous and live without regrets. Continually open your mind to new ideas and experiences. And most importantly, find a community of supporters!!

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