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  • Jeremy Raeszler

Welcome to My Gravel Cycling Epiphany!

I'm Jeremy, a 'new to cycling amateur para cyclist' residing in southern Utah near Bryce Canyon. I am anything but your average paralyzed old man and I've been happily married to my wife for over 20 years.

On a Sunday in February 2008, I experienced a T12 spinal cord injury during a motocross race. I was Life Flighted to UMC Hospital in Las Vegas, NV, where I underwent repair and was diagnosed as a T12 Incomplete Paraplegic. There, I learned how to navigate life from a wheelchair.

I'm not a perfectionist, but I appreciate order. Although I've never been formally diagnosed, I exhibit most of the classic symptoms of ADHD. Surprisingly, I can easily focus on life's simpler aspects. I'm an introvert with some extroverted qualities. I tend to prefer solitude or small groups over large crowds, yet I actively engage in my community, voicing my opinions and concerns.

Before my spinal cord injury in 2008, I was an amateur motocross enthusiast, a small business owner, a scuba diving enthusiast, a tournament angler spanning from Nevada to Texas, and a lover of motorcycle rides. If it had any connection to the outdoors, you could usually find me involved in one way or another.

This blog serves as my platform to express and share the knowledge I've gained since my spinal cord injury. It's a space for me to recount my experiences as a para cyclist, my moments of falling short, and the lessons I've learned. My hope is to inspire you to embark on new adventures and experience the same joy, sense of belonging, and accomplishments that I've come to cherish.

Through this blog, we'll embark on a journey to learn how to be #differentlyabled together.

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